Anza Borrego and the Great California Superbloom of 2017 - 3/24 through 3/26 2017

This was A LOT of fun. The first 'official' Zoverlander trip! publicized through our Facebook and Instagram channels, as well as through the 'So Cal TLCA' page (as I'm a member of that club) since it was initially supposed to be a collaborative effort. What started as a fun idea that we wanted to invite club members too and try and meet new people through, WENT VIRAL and had over 110k impressions on Facebook; over 2,100 people that had responded and indicated they were 'interested' and over 200 people initially said they were 'going' to the event...! We ended up re-creating the event as a 'private' event (still open to folks who reached out directly and wanted to join our group) and we ended up having about 14 people there (half of which were newly-made friends) :)

The goal was to camp in a 'primitive' site (no facilities, but also no fees) that was accessible only by 4x4 (to limit how much other people we'd encounter, knowing the park in general was very busy this time of year) and we started just by researching a number of different potential camp sites, and plotting their locations on a map (shoutout to the AMAZING and SUPER USEFUL app 'Avenza Maps').

We then made a basic plan (leave LA early in the morning on Friday in order to be at the park at 8am that day, to improve chances of finding and claiming a great camp site) and kept publishing updates through the event page for other folks that were attending but couldn't take all day Friday off work. We ended up getting very lucky and finding a great spot for camp at just the second location we plotted and wanted to explore - which was also really proximal to some of the sites/attractions we wanted to check out.

After the group assembled and got camp setup, we all came together and decided on a few activities that we all wanted to do. At the top of that list was 'see lots of flowers' :) We also had read about the iron statues scattered throughout the desert and this short hike called 'The Slot' (through one of the more famous mud slot canyons down at Anza) that was also part of a short 4x4 route with a difficulty rating of 'moderate' and, of course, to take some cool pics to memorialize everything :)

Overall, the trip was a MASSIVE success! Good times were had by all, new friends were made, and all trucks (and people) made it back home :) Another epic adventure trip for the record books!

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