Mammoth Mountain - February 24 through 26, 2017

Me and a buddy decided to scramble up to Mammoth to take advantage of some awesome weather we’ve been having recently. The last weekend of February just presented itself.

I have a friend who lives there (and has couches to crash on) and had a day left on my Mountain Collective pass – and don’t have to rent any gear – so for me, it was pretty much a question of filling the tank and hitting the road!

We left LA Friday around 4:30p and arrived in Mammoth around 11pm (traffic was kinda wack in the beginning, and we stopped for dinner). We took my mini-rig (96′ 4runner) because it gets better economy than the LandCruiser, and is a good bit easier to drive. We

We hit the slopes Saturday morning around 9:30am – and were out all the way till lifts closed at 4pm. The snow was EPIC; literally the best I’ve ever ski’d at Mammoth, and perhaps anywhere. I clocked myself at 56mph on one of the mid-day runs…!

As is customary on ski trips, we had big plans to do something fun together on Saturday night – but ended up just getting dinner and sorely limped back to Ray’s place because our bodies were so exhausted. We watched youtube videos of other adventurers surfing giant ‘code red’ waves in Tahiti and riding the ‘morning glory’ clouds on hang-gliders in New Zealand. All of us were pretty much passing out on the couch around 10p…

The next morning we were up early, around 8a, and went to have breakfast together. After breakfast, my buddy Blake and I started heading out so we would be back in LA at a relatively early time. We also wanted to stop and take pictures of the ‘mini rig’ in some snow, and also at a cool ‘gear exchange’ consignment merchant in Bishop CA.

The winter photo shoot turned out well, but also turned into a lesson in snow driving (never spin wheels when you lose momentum) and using TREDs (it’s not quite as easy as you would think to get them into position…). Fortunately for our fingers and toes – a passerby in a Rubicon had some tow straps and was able to lend a helping pull.

After getting on the road again, we stopped in Bishop and found some killer deals at Mammoth Mountaineering usual :)

Got back to LA around 5:30p on Sunday...another epic trip for the record books!

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