Adventure trip listing (before I started blogging)

One of the things ‘housed’ on this blog (which is way overdue) will be a thorough writeup for each and every trip I go on, from here on out. There – I’m committed!

With that said, it’s only appropriate to list and briefly describe some (this is an incomplete but ongoing list of adventure/camping trips I’ve taken since moving to California in late 2006) of my favorite trips up to this point (listed in chronological order):

SpaceX Christmas Tree Burn – January 2017 most epic trip I’ve been on to date. 200+ people. 500+ Christmas trees. literal rocket scientists. enough said.

Mammoth – January 2017

Turf N Surf – November 2016

‘Fury Road’ near Lake Matthews – September 2016

San Onofre – September 2016

The Big Island (hiking) – June 2016 bachelor party for one of my best friends. 28 miles hiked and camped in absolute beautiful tropical jungle. involved climbing trees to get fresh coconuts, waterfall swimming and stone-throne building.

Yosemite – June 2016

Rowher Flats – June 2016

Overland Expo West – May 2016 a goal (to be here and experience the expo) realized. trip only with my lovely girlfriend (soon to be wife) and adventure poodle. also the first, purely successful trip with the ‘new engine’ in the big rig.

Trona Pinnacles – March 2016

Banff – Feb 2016

Big Sur – September 2016

Joshua Tree – October 2015

John Muir Trail (hiking) – August 2015 a truly wonderful, magical and humbling experience. set out to hike 180 miles with one of my best friends (and current roommate) but made it only 50 miles due to egregious blisters and really bad wildfire smoke.

Cleveland National Forest – March 2015

Jackson Hole – Feb 2015

Mammoth – January 2015

Cleveland National Forest – December 2014

Catalina Island – October 2014

Joshua Tree/Hicksville – October 2014

San Onofre – September 2014

Valley of Fire State Park – August 2014 modeled after my brother’s bachelor party trip – this was my 30th birthday celebration. also was the very first ‘debut’ drive of my current ‘big rig’ FJ62.

The Kenai Peninsula (hiking) – July 2014 spectacular! hiked the resurrection pass trail (44 miles). saw and touched glaciers for the first time. went to a truly amazing festival in Girdwood.

Yosemite – June 2014

San Gabriel Mountains – April 2014

Mammoth – March 2014

Jackson Hole – February 2014

San Onofre – January 2014

Tahoe – October 2013

The Lost Coast (hiking) – July 2013 breathtaking. life-changing. 28 miles of stunning and rugged, untouched coastline. oh, and we all contracted (and subsequently beat) giardia.

Grand Canyon, North Rim – May 2013 planned what I consider to be one of the best bachelor parties ever for my younger brother. traveled through 4 states. 60 miles off-road. major vehicle-related obstacles/problems were overcome. 3 nights camping at the tuweep/toroweap campground, surrounded by one night in Vegas on either end.

Mammoth – March 2013

Vail/Beaver Creek – March 2013

Joshua Tree – December 2012 biggest trip I personally organized; over 40 people came. jumped a radio control car over a giant campfire. many new friendships were made (including two members of the Zoverlander team).

Kern – October 2012

Kern – August 2012

Yosemite – June 2012 now it’s become an annual thing during June. 20+ people this time. We brought a keg and camped in wonderful clearing on an amazing overlook.

Big Sur – May 2012

Joshua Tree – November 2011

Lost Coast – September 2011

Yosemite – June 2011 we had to go back; the same 4 people from 2010 but with 9 other folks that really wanted to come with us because of how awesome a time we had. also went whitewater river rafting.

Sespe Wilderness – April 2011

San Gabriel Canyon – January 2011

Anza Borrega – November 2010

Big Sur – October 2010

Joshua Tree – October 2010

Yukatan Peninsula – September 2010

Sequioa – July 2010

Yosemite – June 2010 first time in the most beautiful place on earth.

Joshua Tree – June 2010 learned how to make biscuits on a campfire from someone who had never been camping before. blew my mind. also, had a really good time learning how to shoot.

Death Valley – April 2010 first time to this magical place. experienced so much in a very short time. saw wildflowers blooming.

Mammoth – February 2010

Grand Canyon, South Rim – November 2009 helped save my friend from hypothermia. celebrated thanksgiving by giving thanks we had enough gear and food. had to chase away a skunk in the middle of the night that climbed the tree we hung our food in.

Baja California – September 2009 one of the most memorable trips because it was my first time camping in another country, and still to this point – the furthest south I’ve been.

Joshua Tree – June 2009

Mammoth – March 2009

Sequoia – August 2008

Sespe Wilderness – April 2008

Yosemite – July 2007

Leo Carillo – March 2007

Mammoth – March 2007

More to come…!

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