Why I’m an Overlander

This is the very first post I’m writing; I’ll probably look back on it one day (or in a few weeks) and laugh at myself for such an amateurish endeavor – but I thought it appropriate to ‘kick things off’ by explaining a little about myself and why I’m here – and generally speaking, what this blog is about.

Overlanding is a lifestyle that I aspire to lead. Sure – it’s about vehicles and camping and gear and exploring and all those fun things – but I see it as just as much about leaning, growing, experiencing, testing, building; many things that are transferable to any lifestyle as measurements of success and fulfillment.

I’m an overlander because I love the outdoors. I always have; from the time I was a young boy growing up in North Carolina and inventing the game called ‘shipwrecked’ with my neighborhood friends (where we essentially just built forts in the woods, ‘baked’ mudpies and gave ourselves cool new names) to now where I’m one of the defacto camping gurus in various groups of friends.

I’m an overlander because I love vehicles; specifically four-wheel-drive vehicles. Also something innate that I have been expressing from a very young age – my mom will happily tell anyone stories about when she would take me to the supermarket (or any errand, really) and my constant begging for another ‘teeny car’ to add to my matchbox collection. Fast forward to now – I own two 4x4s, have helped countless friends evaluate and buy their own, and was just nominated to become the president of the Southern California TLCA chapter mainly because of my enthusiasm for Land Cruisers.

I’m an overlander because the world is a wonderful, magical place. Exploring is in our nature as humans – never in our history have people not wondered about somewhere they’ve not been; never in our history have humans been content in a small village, or in a small city, or a country; never in our history have we stopped pushing the boundaries of what’s possible with where can we go and what we can do. Granted, overlanding is quite different from space exploration – but if you boil both down to their fundamental ingredients, you will find the motivation and the basic principles to be the same.

In summary – I’m an overlander because I love life, and I love living.

I hope my stories help others to see this for themselves and to inspire adventure, exploration, passion and personal growth in anyone and everyone whom I reach!

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