A.K.A:  GPP, PPG, PGPG, LeLe, Frimps, …

OCCUPATION:  Um, I'm a poodle.

DREAM JOB:  I luv being a poodle!

VEHICLE(S):  Four Paws

DREAM VEHICLE(S): Whatever my Dad is driving!

ABOUT ME:  I'm a mini-poodle.  My dad rescued me from the West LA Animal Shelter when I was about a year old.  Since then, I’ve gone on countless adventures with him, my mom, and all their cool pals! I can be a sweet snuggler sometimes, but I’m also the boss! Of everyone – especially other pooches! Everyone has to have my permission to play; don’t forget that handshakes and high-fives are a violation!

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FAVORITE PIECES OF GEAR:  Stuffed animals that squeak, my cuddly snuggly bed and any blanked or tarp that is laid on the ground!

FAVORITE PLACES I'VE TRAVELED:  Grandmas house (where I get spoiled with people food) and wherever else my Mom and Dad take me!

THINGS ON MY BUCKET LIST:  Catch a squirrel! Make friends with Bubook!